Undo changes in git

Undoing changes is a little scary, right? I hope this article helps you to keep calm when you need to undo stuff.

In this article I will talk about the ways we have available to undo things when using git. I will tackle git checkout, git reset, git clean and git revert.

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Git hard reset, now what?

I just did a git hard reset and now I need my previous work. This is how.

Imagine it’s Friday, you are in a hurry and someone asks you to check on something really quickly. You open the terminal, prepare to checkout a new branch, but before that you just perform a git reset --hard HEAD~.

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Rename a branch in git

How to rename a branch in git

Sometimes we choose the wrong name for our branch or we add some misspelled word and we need to rename the branch.

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Learning Ruby playing a game

A game I found that will help you learning ruby

So, I was thinking it would be cool if there was a game to learn Ruby. Games are good for learning, because the more interesting the material is, the more likely it will be retained.

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