How to use decimal with mongodb and .NET C#

MongoDB doesn’t support decimal. How can we use it to represent money? This article will explain it to you.

When working with money we need to be concerned with the accuracy of the data as well as the calculations we do. Imagine that you have an ecommerce website with a feature that allows users to have a credit balance on their accounts. One user has 86.25€ and had just spend 86.24€. We expect him to be left with 0.01. But is he?

It will depend on the data type we are using to store the money. To give you an example, I have prepared a small piece of code.

using System;

namespace ConsoleApplication
    public class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            double a = 86.25;
            double c = 86.24;
            Console.WriteLine(a - c);

The output of this code will be:


Surprised? I hope not.

So, to deal with money in .NET we should use decimal or apply the money pattern.

So far so good.

I have recently started a personal project and I chose to give MongoDB a try. In this project I will work with money and naturally I started using decimal for it. Unfortunally, when I started implementing the data access layer I realized MongoDB didn’t support decimal. MongoDB does support double, however it will not have the expected behaviour as we saw previous in this post.

To solve this, first, I changed all my code to use Int64 instead of decimal. I thought it would work just fine and it did work, but the quality of the code wasn’t the best… and I was doing a modification on my domain based on my data layer. Definitely, not a good thing to do.

So, I decided to create a custom serializer for the fields of type decimal.

public class MongoDbDecimalFieldSerializer : SerializerBase<decimal>
    const decimal DECIMAL_PLACE = 10000m;

    public override decimal Deserialize(BsonDeserializationContext context, BsonDeserializationArgs args)
        var dbData = context.Reader.ReadInt64();
        return Math.Round((decimal)dbData / DECIMAL_PLACE, 4);

    public override void Serialize(BsonSerializationContext context, BsonSerializationArgs args, decimal value)
        var realValue = (decimal)value;
        context.Writer.WriteInt64(Convert.ToInt32(realValue * DECIMAL_PLACE));

To register it I have just done:

BsonSerializer.RegisterSerializer(typeof(decimal), new MongoDbDecimalFieldSerializer());

And with this, I have a good code, easy to maintain and the accuracy I need using MongoDB.

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